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Weekends in Wrightsville Beach, NC

Sometimes the simplest things are the most enjoyable.

When I decided to move to Wilmington, I knew I had to be as close to Wrightsville Beach as physically possible. When people say "love where you live" it's finally nice to know I'm right where I belong.

So here are my top things to do on any day of the week in Wrightsville Beach ...

1. The Loop

I will never forget moving here and every day for two months straight - no matter the temperature outside in January & February - I had to walk the loop. I remember telling my family and friends if this is the only thing that brings me joy these days then I'll be fine settling down right here. I can walk out my door and head on my way around the loop! It's 2.45 miles combined of my prayers, talks with God, solitude, music shuffling, and power walking.

2. The Workshop

My favorite place to grab a coffee and build my collection of sharktooth necklaces.

3. South End

Pick up a pizza from Vito's and head to the south end of the beach to watch the sunset. It's the best spot in town to watch if you ask me.

4. Jimmy's

Who knew a slushy could pack such a punch. It does alone, but add a floater and one slushy is all you need! Your to-do list: grab a slushy, sign a dollar and add to the wall collection, and grab a seat by the window to watch everyone walk by on the loop.

5. Oceanic Pier

Grab a coffee at Sunday's and head across the street to Oceanic. Walk out on the pier or head out on the beach. Perfect spot to start first thing in the morning!

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