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Must-Have Beach Favorites

If I'm headed to the beach for the day - even if I'm by myself, I don't want to carry too many items. Two bags MAX with the necessities! I don't want to be exhausted from carrying all the things you think you'll use, but never use - ya feel me?

Let's start with what you need to protect the skin, but still get some sun.

  1. Elta MD SPF My dermatologist would kill me if I didn't mention it. And truly, it's the best sunscreen for all over the body. It isn't sticky. It doesn't stink. It's a great spray and one that I use from head to toe.

  2. SuperGoop Glow Oil Sunscreen More suncreen for the body, but if you want it to be oil and give yourself that glossy skin.

  3. SuperGoop Glow Stick Ladies, you cannot go without this if you've had your eyebrows microbladded or done the powder brow. THIS IS A MUST. You do not want that color to fade! Perfect stick to roll over the eyebrows.

It's true, as you get older, you want to protect your face so much more than you think you ever will. And trust me, I refused that mindset for as long as possible and wish I had listened to everyone else sooner.

All things FACE:

  1. This Supergoop Glow Screen is like having a tinted moisturizer on your face without the icky feeling of suncreen, even though there is SPF. It is truly the best thing - feeling like you have coverage on your face, but without actual makeup.

  2. Now, here's the actual coverage. This facial powder, Supergoop (Re)setting has SPF and makes me feel like I am actually wearing coverage and I love that feeling!

  3. Green Compass chapstick - Seriously the best chapstick and not just because I sell it. Smooth gloss with 10 mg CBD hemp flower extract.

  4. Evian facial spray - Lightly mist the face for those hot, beach days!

Entertainment: Music & Books

  1. I do my most reading during the summer and on the beach. Currently, I'm trying to finish Where the Crawdads Sing before the movie.

  2. I cannot say enough great things about this speaker! It even floats in the water if you're by the pool instead of the beach.

Now, what do you put everything in?

  1. The best cooler - seriously, not only does it look cute, but it's spacious enough for drinks and snacks for a full day at the beach.

  2. To be honest, I have MANY beach totes. But this one is the best to throw all the necessities and it's light-weight. Doesn't get heavy to carry and no problem if it gets wet or dirty - throw it right in the washer!

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